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Licensing Fees for Stanford Self-Management Programs

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Licensing Fees

Every organization offering a Stanford program must have a license for that program.

Each license is good for 3 years from the date of issue. After each three year interval, licenses must be renewed.

Every licensed organization must make a yearly report (due on the anniversary of original license agreement) to Stanford stating the number of workshops offered during the past year, dates of each workshop,  number of participants, and identify the Leaders of each workshop, number of leader trainings conducted. And the number of trainings for Master Trainers.

Single-Program License Fees * (see footnote)

If your organization wishes to offer only one Stanford Program in one language*:

Multiple-Program License Fees * (see footnote)

If your organization wishes to offer more than one Stanford Self-Management Program (for example, CDSMP and Tomando, or CDSMP and Diabetes, etc., and you have Leaders trained for each Program):

All prices quoted are in U.S.$ * (see footnote)

If your organization wishes to offer more workshops than above, please contact Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing:

The license applications have been designed to be printed and submitted as is. It has been greatly simplified and has been written using plain English language with little legalese so as to be understood by the lay person. The low cost and volume of these licenses make it impossible for us to negotiate special clauses for each organization. If your organization needs custom agreement, the cost of the license will increase by a minimum of $1,000.

If in the yearly report an organization has offered more workshops than it is licensed for, it should remit the difference in licensing fee per the chart above along with the report. If a Licensee does not submit a report, it will be considered to be in breach of the agreement and subject to termination.

All licenses must be paid for and signed before an organization receives training. It is the responsibility of the Master Trainers or T-Trainers offering the training to see that all licenses are in order before training.

If at any time an organization cannot afford the licensing fee, it should contact Stanford for a fee reduction. This can be done by email:


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