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Licensing Policies for Stanford Self-Management Programs

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  1. Any organization giving a Stanford program must purchase a license. A schedule of training and licensing fees can be found on our fees page.
  2. Any organization receiving training from a non-Stanford Master Trainer or T-Trainer must purchase a license from Stanford prior to the training. It will be the responsibility of the Master Trainers or T-Trainers who conduct this training to:
    • inform the organization(s) being trained of the need to purchase a license from Stanford prior to the training
    • inform Stanford of the organization(s) needing the license.
  3. If these responsibilities are not carried out, then the Master Trainers or T-Trainers will be responsible for all license fees and/or will lose their authorization to continue in the role of Master Trainer or T-Trainer.

These policies are defined for all Stanford self-management programs.

Types of Licenses available

Stanford offers two types of licenses for their self-management programs. You may purchase a single-program license or a multiple-program license. If you are planning to only offer one programs, such as the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, a single-program license is the most economical.

Since so many of our licensed organizations wish to offer more than one program, we now have a multiple-program license, where you may offer any of our licensed programs for a flat fee. The fee is based on how many total workshops you plan to offer annually, regardless of which ones. For example, you may purchase a multiple-program license for CDSMP, Tomando Control de su Salud, and both English and Spanish Diabetes, and pool the total number of workshops for your license.

Applications for both single-program and multiple-program licenses can be found on the menu.


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